About us

I'm Ally Notch, owner and trainer of A Notch Above K9 Training. I strive to provide a balanced outlook on dog training. I want to help dog owners learn how to create that coveted relationship with their dog by providing clear communication, structure, boundaries and rules. Many owners struggle with behavioral issues in and out of the home which means there is a missing element. Learning how to communicate with your dog, consistency and patience will help your dog learn what is expected of them in the house and out in the real world! 


I started training at 9 years old when I had my first puppy, a pit mix names Scout. He was rambunctious, but I taught him basic commands, and he helped me learn how to roller blade. I have always had dogs around me in my adult life, and now I have three who are not only off leash trained, but are still learning different skills. 


I worked with a Behavioral Specialist who taught me how dogs communicate using body language. We worked with and raised young puppies to prevent problem behaviors as adults. We did leash training and house manners. I assisted dogs with severe aggression and rehabilitated dogs who otherwise would have been put to sleep. 


I started training on my own by working with friend's and family's dogs. I have worked one on one with dogs in shelters. I foster dogs for a local rescue to train and rehome. This experience has not only improved my techniques, but keeps one more dog out of the shelter and gets them placed into the perfect home! 


I have attended classes at VanEss K9 Academy to learn new skills and become better aquainted with working line dogs. 
I have also attended herding classes and upper level obedience classes to advance my training. I have trained dogs to acheive their Canine Good Citizen Title. From obedience to severe behavior modification, there is always room to learn something new and apply it to my training techniques. My goal is to help each family improve the relationship they have always wanted with their dog. I love that my dogs can be a part of my lifestyle and not a burden, and you can have that too! 


My Dogs

Anouk is a Dutch Shepherd (Belgian Malinois) who has high drive working lines. She is a fast learner and loves to work! Her favorite activities include chuck it and finding rogue balls that I loose in the woods! She has received her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title.


Conan is a Golden Retriever who is learning advanced obedience and received his AKC Canine Good Citizen Title! He helps me socialize young puppies, nervous or anxious dogs, and dog aggressive dogs. 


Skyla is a shepherd mix, and she loves to go herding and retrieve discs! She is my teaching girl for unbalanced dogs and helps with training! Skyla has her AKC Canine Good Citizen Title.


Am I the trainer for you?

I train with real world experiences designed to set you and your dog up for success. We train in my home environment focusing on house manners, socialization with people, kids and other dogs and providing structure in our daily activities. I use balanced tools to communicate with your dog. Owners should be prepared to learn proper techniques and apply the same training at home. All persons living in the house should be on board with training, meaning you acknowledge that there is a problem or issue area, and we agree to remain consistant to remedy the behavior.


Balanced tools can be a leash, flat collar, slip lead, prong collar, remote collar, clicker, food, treats, backpacks etc. The more options we have in our "tool box" the better we can communicate with our dogs. I want them to have a clear understanding of what I expect from them. I correct inappropriate behavior while rewarding positive behavior to simply teach "yes" and "no". 

So if you are ready to build trust in your dog, be able to walk them on or off leash, improve house manners, improve people/dog manners, and help relieve problem bahaviors, contact me! 


“We love Ally! She's very knowledgeable, patient and caring. We were having behavioral problems with one of our dogs. We were ready to throw in the towel and find her a new home. A friend suggested Ally to us. With Ally's help, we now have a well behaved pup. It's always comforting knowing that our two are well cared for while we're out of town. Ally has also helped us better understand our dogs and learn their behaviors and how to handle it. We wouldn't trust anyone else with our dogs!"  ​

Brittany, Maci and Buck's owner











Located in North Canton Belden Village area. Convenient 77 North/South Highway Access. Please call for address.


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